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Dear all, I have moved to http://jordeandivon.blogspot.my please feel free to drop by.

AWARD MR.HAPPY!!! from burb.

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Huhu~~ hows everyone doing right now?. Well, I got tagged from one of my good cyber friend here burb and giving the cute award for me but, before that, I have to answer questions given..huhu..

1. Adakah anda happy skg?
Yepp..hepi giler dapat award.

2. kenapa anda hepi?
yaii..dapat award lar..

3. Apakah benda yang boleh buatkan anda hepi?
Dapat duit lebih..hahaha..banyak maw bayar lor..

4. Pernahkah anda menerima tag?
Iya..kok pernah si..

5. Nyatakan warna yg anda suka.
ermmm,..Biru dan hijau serta hitam

6. Beritahu 9 org yg anda mahu tag

7. Tuliskan sesuatu tentang orang yang anda tag. Tulis berjela pon xper.
Sy tag mereka kerna merekalah pengunjung dan rakan maya yg setia untuk melewati atau mengintai blog ini dan dengan rela hatinya meninggalkan jejak di kotak chat ku..huahuahua..dan lagipun, ada diantara mereka yg belum memiliki mr.happy lagi..

8. Adakah anda happy dengan apa yang anda ada sekarang?
Ya. sy happy dan bersyukur tersangat-sangat dengan apa yang saya miliki sekarang ini.

TAG!! from azrif!!

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adeh, sy ditag oleh tukang pengetag iaitu azrif hahaha..okeii..meh mula kan..

3 nama samaran kamu:

: alevate
: JD
: Didey

5 tarikh penting dalam hidup kamu:

: 14 Mac (Birthday seseorang)
: 01 Mei (Birthday Bapa)
: 26 November (Birthday Mama)
: 07 Mei (Birthday saya)..wakakka
: 27 November (Hari berbahagia)

5 perkara saya buat semalam:

: Tidor
: Berlari
: Mengumpat
: Memblog
: Tangkap lipas

5 perkara yang buat anda gembira:

: Dapat duit
: Dapat kenalan
: Dapat Bass guitar
: Dapat Laptop
: Dapat Hadiah

5 hobi kamu:

: Men bola
: Men badminton
: Berenang
: Tangkap Lipas
: Tgok Movie

5 tempat percutian idaman kamu:

: Jepun
: Korea
: England
: Australia
: Rumah saya..hahahha

5 sebab kamu jawab tag nie:

: saja..
: kena suruh...
: takde benda nak wat..
: ermmm...
: pass..

5 orang yang nak di tag:

: Kay-N
: kiwi
: shannice
: ahfat
: burb


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Hye all,

I'm so sorry to say this but, I am really irritated today when people showing up on my chatbox for begging and not blogging. I like blogwalk a lot and I do leave a comment on a blog that I read and interested with and a believe most of you do the same too.. What ignores me a lot is that somehow theres a person showing up and begging for comments..Theres a thing that I wanted to ask..If I respond to the request, would the person do the same too???..the answer is NO!!..Come on,..Blogging is a fun things and really enjoyable and you can share almost everything here...If you don't agree with me,..I'm okay with it,.its my OPINION and no one can deny that. Thanx..and happy blogging.


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Well, friends..I'm here proudly wanted to give away this awards to all of you that kindly being my follower.. I know the design are not really superb but, Im gonna make a better one later on the next awards. huhu..Thanx again ya.. really appreciate it..Keep in touch and blogwalk..I'm honored to be your friend.

Here is the award:

You can either save this image or just copy the image code at where it being save. Here is the url: http://i96.photobucket.com/albums/l167/alevate/awards.gif


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I'm just curiously wanted to know among my fellow blogger.


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Huhu..requested by gede..hopefully this is what you are looking for..if not..just enjoy it ya..hehe~~ To be honest, I got this from Kancutband previous links that I think might be still working.

KEGANASAN: Gadis dikerjakan dengan teruk

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Hye all,
To begin with, while I'm surfing on the net on gaining information for my assignment. I saw this video that really terrible that this guy grasp the girl then start on hitting her..

Just look at this Video and tell me whether this guy's action sucks...

Activate and Deactivate the Action Keys on Compaq Presario CQ42

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Compaq Presario CQ42

I own a laptop model Compaq Presario CQ42 with a great specification on a great price. Below is the specification about it.

- Intel® Core™ i5-430M processor* (2.26GHz, 3MB L2 Cache)
- 2048MB 1066MHz / max to 4GB DDR3 Memory (2048 x 1 pc)
- 500GB 7200rpm Hard Disk Drive
- 14.0” diagonal High-Definition HP BrightView LED Display (1366 x 768)
- LightScribe SuperMulti 8X DVD±RW with Double L
ayer Support
- Bluetooth
- 802.11b/g/n Wireless
- Genuine Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium
- Intel® HM 55 System Chipset
- ATI Mobility Radeon™ HD 5430 Graphics
- Built-in Altec Lansing speakers
- No 56K Modem
- Integrated 10/100BASE-T Ethernet LAN (RJ-45 con
- 3 USB 2.0, HDMI (optional), RJ-45, VGA, 1 Headphone and 1 Microphone, Compaq Webcam
- 5-in-1 intergrated digital media reader slot
- 6 cell battery (47 Whr)
- 34.2cm(W)x 22.8cm(D)x 3.15cm(min H)/ 3.65cm (m
ax H)
- One year International Limited Warranty (parts/labor/carry-in)

When seeing the spec, I was stunt and really this is what I wanted for to help me on doing my studies in KLMU. Huhu ^_^ But, theres slinghly a lil bit problems on its keyboard. When I bought it and test the keyboard, you will have to press Fn + ALT + F4 to shut down and it is additional "Fn" to press. Well, I don't know about you guys about it as for me it irritate a lot because I'm handling with Adobe Flash and lots of the shortcut is on the Action Keys. Well, while looking through at the BIOS. My problem solve and there is a way to change it. I'm really happy about it.. here I'm going to share with you on how to handle on such problems.

1. On the Startup, press ESC
>a Startup Menu will appear on your screen and the selection will be something like this;

F1 System Information
F2 System Diagnostics
F9 Boot Device Options
F10 Bios Setup
F11 System Recovery

ENTER - Continue Startup

2. On the Startup Menu, choose F10
>BIOS will appear

3. Select System Configuration

4. Choose Action Keys Mode
>you will found out that the Mode is ENABLED, you only have to disable it then thats it. As easy as that. Huhu~~ ^_^